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Document Number: AS6065
Project Initiation: 2017-08-02 11:07:06.0
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Terry D. Dwyer
Portable and Stationary Snowmelters with a melting capacity ranging from 20 to 500 tons of snow per hour. The Portable Snowmelters operate on diesel or Jet A fuel, the Stationary Snowmelters operate on natural gas, diesel or Jet A fuel.
Aprons, ramps, parking lots and runways can be kept operational. Eliminates security risks of trucks and people coming and going from the airport. Eliminates the cost of trucking and the cost of storing the snow. Eliminates the costs associated with double and triple handling the snow. The Snowmelter captures the solid garbage contained in the snow allowing for proper containment and separation. Cost savings on the purchase of a capital asset such as a Snowmelter is more economically viable and can be recovered over 3 to 4 years versus the allocating of yearly snow budget funds on trucking and storing the snow which are never recovered.
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