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AS6285A - Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-Icing Processes

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Document Number: AS6285A
Project Initiation: 2017-01-06 09:52:37.0
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Revision Number: A
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Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-Icing Processes
<p>This document establishes the minimum requirements for ground based aircraft deicing/anti-icing methods and procedures to ensure the safe operation of aircraft during icing conditions on the ground. This document does not specify the requirements for particular aircraft models.</p> <p>NOTE: Refer to particular aircraft operator or aircraft manufacturers’ published manuals and procedures.</p> <p>The application of the procedures specified in this document are intended to effectively remove and/or prevent the accumulation of frost, snow, slush or ice contamination which can seriously affect the aerodynamic performance and/or the controllability of an aircraft. The principal method of treatment employed is the use of fluids qualified to AMS1424 and AMS1428 (Type I, II, III, and IV fluids).</p> <p>All guidelines referred to herein are applicable only in conjunction with the applicable documents. Due to aerodynamic and other concerns, the application of deicing/anti-icing fluids shall be carried out in compliance with engine and aircraft manufacturers’ recommendations.</p>
Revisions and are needed in order to include new technology and operational experiences gained.
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