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AS94900A - Aerospace - Flight Control Systems - Design, Installation and Test of Piloted Military Aircraft, General Specification For

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Document Number: AS94900A
Project Initiation: 2012-11-06 14:28:02.0
Project Number: A6A3-12-02
Revision Number: A
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Aerospace - Flight Control Systems - Design, Installation and Test of Piloted Military Aircraft, General Specification For
This specification establishes general performance, design, test, development and quality assurance requirements for the Flight Control Systems of military piloted aircraft. Flight Control Systems (FCS) include all components used to transmit flight control commands from the pilot or other sources to appropriate force and moment producers. Flight control commands normally result in control of aircraft altitude, airspeed, flight path, attitude, aerodynamic or geometric configuration, ride quality, and structural modes. Among components included are the pilot's controls, dedicated displays and logic switching, system inertial and air data sensors, signal computation, test devices, mechanical transmission devices, actuators, power sources, and signal transmission lines dedicated to flight control. Excluded are aerodynamic surfaces, engines and engine control systems, rotorcraft rotors, fire control devices, crew displays and electronics not dedicated to flight control. In the event of conflict between this specification and other referenced documents, this specification shall govern. The detail requirements for a particular system shall be specified in the FCS Specification, 4.6.2, the Aircraft Detail Specification, the contract, or purchase order for that system. Most of the technical concepts and approaches covered by the document represent industry "best practice";. They are based on sound and proven engineering practices and have demonstrated successful production experience. Others require specific approval from the procuring activity before use. This requirement for approval is not intended to prohibit their use; but rather to ensure that the prime contractor has fully investigated their capability to perform reliably and to be sufficiently durable under the required conditions and that the prime contractor can present substantiating evidence for approval before the design is committed to.
This document was published and adopted for tri-service use for new design in 2007. The FCS defined by the document are flight critical systems for military aircraft. The military agencies use the document to specify the system requirements for new military aircraft. Use for the last four years has revealed errors. Because of the safety impact of these systems the document must be regularly reviewed and revised.
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