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G811AA - Corrosion Inhibiting Compound for Aircraft Structural Applications

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Document Number: G811AA
Project Initiation: 2011-02-28 10:52:30.0
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Michael Lissandrello
Corrosion Inhibiting Compound for Aircraft Structural Applications
The specification would establish requirements for the application of heavy-duty, super pentrating, water displacing corrosion inhibiting compound that can be applied by conventional airless or air-operated spray equipment and after drying form a firm transparent discernible protective coating with a low film weight.
There is a need for a new specification that encompasses the new generation of corrosion inhibiting compounds that offer the following benefits; > A very quick cure time of the film will represent cost savings > A low film weigh will mean less weight to the aircraft > Increased coverage per liter will represent less usage > New technology will provide fast penetration of product between mating surfaces and increase water displacement ability > Low VOC and increased non-volatile content for better EHS (environment, health, safety) > Increased salt spray protection will result in better corrosion protection on aircraft > Easy to apply and remove when necessary
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