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ISO TC 22 SC 32 USTAG - Electrical and Electronic Components

A complete list of the ISO documents for this committee can be found at the ISO web site
Document List
Document Title
IS7588-3 Electrical/electronic switching devices-Part 3: Microrelays
IS7588-1 Electrical/electronic switching devices-Part 1: Relays and flashers
IS7588-2 Electrical/electronic switching devices-Part 2: Electronic devices
IS11565 Road vehicles -- Spark-plugs -- Test methods and requirements
IS16553 Road vehicles -- Data cables -- Test methods and requirements
IS10483-1 Road vehicles -- Intelligent power switches -- Part 1: High-side intelligent power switch
IS10483-2 Road vehicles -- Intelligent power switches -- Part 2: Low-side intelligent power switch
IS22896 Road vehicles -- Deployment and sensor bus for occupant safety systems
IS6969 Road vehicles -- Sound signalling devices -- Tests after mounting on vehicle
IS21848 Road vehicles -- Electrical and electronic equipment for a supply voltage of 42 V -- Electrical loads
IS16844-1 Road vehicles -- Tachograph systems -- Part 1: Electrical connectors
IS4024 Road Vehicles - Ignition coils - Low-tension cable connections
IS1919 Road Vehicles - M14x1.25 Spark-plugs with flat seating and their cylinder head housings
IS3412 Road vehicles -- Screened and waterproof spark-plugs and their connections -- Types 1A and 1B
IS13207-2 Road vehicles - LED lamp characteristics for bulb compatible failure detection -- Part 2: LED lamps used for all other lamp functions
IS3895 Road vehicles - Screened and waterproof spark-plug and its connection - Type 2
IS3896 Road vehicles - Screened and waterproof spark-plug and its connection - Type 3
IS10455 Road vehicles - Dry ignition coils using rotating high-voltage distributor
IS13476 Road venicles - Ignition coils - Electrical characteristics and test methods
IS6856 Road vehicles--Unscreened high voltage ignition cable assemblies--Test methods and general requirements
IS10487-2 Passenger cars -- Connections for car radios -- Part 2: Performance requirements
N3556 Road vehicles--Automotive Security Engineering
N3586 Raod vehicles--Vehicle Cybersecurity Engineering
IS13207-1 Road Vehicles—LED lamp characteristics for bulb compatible failure detection—Part 1: LED lamps used as direction indicators
IS8854 Road vehicles -- Alternators with regulators -- Test methods and general requirements
IS21111-4 Road vehicles -- In-vehicle ethernet -- Part 4: General requirements and test methods of optical gigabit ethernet components
IS10599-2 Car radios—Coaxial aerial connectors—Part 2: Characteristic values, performance requirements and tests
IS15763 Road vehicles—Alarm systems for buses and commercial vehicles of maximum authorized total mass greater than 3,5 t
IS21434 Road Vehicles -- Cybersecurity engineering