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TC 22 SC 32 WG 1 US - Ignition Equipment

A complete list of the ISO documents for this committee can be found at the ISO web site
Document List
Document Title
IS19813 Road vehicles -- Ignition systems -- Test methods and requirements for high voltage boots on plug-top coils and pencil coils
IS28741 Road vehicles -- Spark-plugs and their cylinder head housings -- Basic characteristics and dimensions
IS3553-1 Road vehicles -- High-tension connections for ignition coils and distributors -- Part 1: Socket-type
IS6518-2 Road vehicles - Ignition systems - Part 2 - Electrical performance and function test methods
IS3808 Road vehicle - Unscreened high-voltage ignition cables - General specifications, test methods and requirements
IS3553-2 Road vehicles - High-tension connectors for ignition coils and distributors - Part 2 Plug-types
IS6518-1 Road vehicles--Ignition systems--Part 1: Vocabulary