Volunteer and Make an Impact

Interested in shaping your career? Make a real—and lasting—impact on your industry by engaging with SAE International.


Engagement opportunities include:

Launch your professional development through paper or book publishing:
Research, draft and submit a technical paper to one of SAE’s professional events or to a scholarly journal. Or, share your knowledge with the industry at large by serving as a book author, editor or reviewer.

Guide future generations through school and university programs:
Use your passion and experience to nurture the next generation of engineers in the early stages of their career. Connect with elementary or middle school STEM students through SAE’s A World in Motion Program, or advise university engineering majors through the Collegiate Design Series.

Elevate your experience through a position on a professional committee:
Maximize your leadership potential through a wide variety of high-profile positions on SAE’s Technical Standards Committees or other professional technical committees.



SAE Connexion+ - Your Gateway to Engage with SAE

Get Started: Participating with SAE has never been easier.

Becoming involved with us will help you to build upon skills you already have. It’s a great way to explore new fields and expand your work portfolio in your field. And don’t forget—it’s the perfect way to meet new people who share the same passion as you for bettering their personal development, industry, and our future generation.

  • Advance your career or gain career experience
  • Provide inspiration and guidance to the future generation
  • Connect to the engineering community

How to Engage on Connexion+

  1. Visit Connexion+ to view all volunteer opportunities
  2. Opt into SAE's Engamgent hub to stay up to date on the latest volunteer alerts for you.  SAE has opportunities for involvement at the local section level to leadership and speaking opportunities at engineering meetings, events and conferences.
  3. Browse opportunities that match your skills, interests and expertise—from committee leaders and advisors, to school STEM programs and university chapters, to technical authors and assorted board and committee chairs.


SAE's Engagment Hub

Questions? Contact Customer Service:


Toll-free: +1 877-606-7323 (U.S. and Canada)
Phone: +1 724-776-4970 (Outside U.S. & Canada)
Fax: +1 724-776-0790
Email: CustomerService@sae.org

All SAE Volunteers are expected to uphold the highest standards for professional conduct while volunteering for an SAE Program. Volunteers must treat all participants with courtesy, respect, and dignity. Volunteers are responsible for modeling professional conduct and for cultivating a respectful and inclusive program.
To foster a just and safe community unprofessional behavior, including that which is intimidating, threatening, violent, inappropriate, illegal, or dishonest, will be addressed by promoting accountability and following up with any actions necessary. Unprofessional behavior may result in the removal of volunteers from the program indefinitely.