Automotive Engineering International 2010-01-19

    • Top new engines
      AEI editors highlight the most significant powerplants of the new year and beyond.
    • Ferrari V8
      The new 4.5-L engine for the 458 Italia challenges turbo units on power and specific output.
    • Ford V6
      Significant changes to the Duratec 37 for the 2011 Mustang result in Camaro-beating power with 30-mpg efficiency.
    • Hyundai 2.4 Theta II GDI
      The company revs output of its four-cylinder family with its first application of gasoline direct injection.
    • Porsche Turbo flat six
      Direct injection and special dry-sump lubrication boost power and torque of the latest 911 Turbo powerhouse.
    • Toyota V10
      Nine years in development by Toyota and Yamaha, the 9000-rpm engine for Lexus' new LFA supercar boasts an abundance of titanium and a unique counterbalancer system.
    • Biomaterials boost sustainability
      New car models will feature ever greater numbers of biologically based plastic components, but increased use of renewably sourced parts faces unique challenges.
    • hitting the ground running
      Delphi technology chief Dr. Andrew Brown Jr. ascends the SAE's highest office and helps position the organization for long-term success.
    • Cooperation conquers design conflict
      Designers and engineers often disagree over how new models can and should look, but the earlier they start cooperating the better the outcome for both.