Automotive Engineering International 2010-04-06

    • AEI Best Engineered Vehicle 2010- Ford Taurus
      The readers and editors have selected the most significant vehicle of the year. Ford attacks premium sedan segment with all the technology it can muster.
    • Focused on fuel economy
      Technology is only part of the solution for reducing vehicle energy consumption. In part 2 of AEI's Fuel Efficiency series, vehicle engineers explain why driver behavior is also a key factor.
    • No stopping safety system advances
      Engineers are focusing on active systems intergration, especially with radars and cameras, more centralized processing, and silicon germanium for 77- GHz systems.
    • Shedding pounds on a magnesium diet
      Tough CAFE standards are pushing automakers to consider using more lightweight magnesium rather than aluminum, steel, or plastics.
    • Automotive Engineering International 2010 tech awards
      The editors of Automotive Engineering International preview the most innovative supplier technologies to be displayed April 13th through 15th in Detroit at teh SAE World Congress. This year's exhibit has a renewed focus on innovation, with fewer companies showing more significant solutions to industry challenges. Check out our full coverage of the event online at