Automotive Engineering International 2010-06-01

    • Steering activated
      Vehicles are increasingly taking the wheel and steering themselves, with the promise of improved comfort, handling, and safety.
    • Reflections of a product-development revolutionary
      Bob Lutz revitalized GM's PD process by challenging its protocols- while following his instincts for making compelling vehicles.
    • Commercial success
      Technology transfer, a Class 8 hybrid, and lightweighting efforts highlight ArvinMeritor's innovation push in the commercial-vehicle space.
    • EcoBoost, DCTs, and stop-start for the masses
      High-value, high-volume technologies are driving Ford's near-term conventional powertrain strategy, explains engineering chief Barb Samardzich.
    • Breathing new life into Chrysler Engineering
      Engineering VP Scott Kunselman talks about working with Fiat, taking the lead in vehicle-electrification, and putting the mojo back into Chrysler's product-development team.
    • Watching the charge
      The fusion of diagnostics and telematics may help boost electric vehicles.
    • Treading lightly
      New tires are being designed to roll with less friction, maintain inflation better, and use fewer petroleum-based ingredients.