Automotive Engineering International 2010-10-14

    • Chevrolet Volt
      When General Motors management approved its 2011 E-REV for production, the bateries- and other technologies- did not exist.
    • Ford Explorer
      New engines, more extensive use of lightweight metals, and a patented shift-on-the-fly terrain management system highlight the next-generation model as the former frame-based SUV re-emerges for 2011 as a unibody crossover SUV.
    • Honda Odyssey
      Engineers tried to strike a balance between practicality and sportiness in their 2011 minivan- and succeeded.
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee
      Chrysler engineers wanted to maintain or enhance off-road capability while significantly boosting refinement.
    • Telematics takeoff comes with many questions
      Connections for infotainment and app delivery, and design for safe use to head off limiting regulations, are among issues still being debated.