Automotive Engineering International 2011-06-07

    • Small car, big project
      Vehicle Line Executive for the Fiat 500, Joe Grace, talks about bringing the iconic car to North America and the collaboration between engineers in Turin and Detroit that helped make it happen.
    • Girding the grid for EVs
      Public electric utilities such as Detroit Edison have a virtual role to play in cultivating the electric vehicle market.
    • Progress, new innovations spur GM;s fuel-cell development
      Fuel-cell program Executive Director Charlie Freese reveals the ongoing technical progress aimed at making FCVs part of GM's production vehicle portfolio later this decade.
    • Planning the future of PLM and 3-D virtual tools
      The product-development revolution that began with CATIA is only beginning, says Dassault Systemes' CEO Bernard Charles.
    • Next-gen steel bodies for alternative-powertrain vehicles
      The objective of WorldAutoSteel's FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) program is to develop concepts of a radically different lightweight steel body structure for compact electrified vehicles and identify structure changes to accomodate larger vehicle variants.