Automotive Engineering International 2011-07-05

    • What drives Jaguar Land Rover
      Group Engineering Director, Bob Joyce, reveals how his company's own- and the auto industry's- overarching strategic engineering and business priorities can be met now and in the future.
    • PSA puts weight behind hybrids
      With their race and rally expertise, company leaders such as Christian Chehab, General Manager of Transmissions and Hybrid Projects, understand the importance of developing technologies to reach the environmental podium.
    • Lotus prepares to blossom again
      As the company moves ahead with its five-year model plan, CEO Dany Bahar pledges quality, pragmatism, radical weight saving, and added DNA.
    • Multimaterial collaboration
      Composites and aluminum are at the heart of Audi and lamborghini's multimaterial approach to R&D, production.
    • Taking control of electrification
      Control systems are key components not only for battery packs in electrified powertrains but also havea big role to play in power consumption throughout the vehicle.