Automotive Engineering International 2011-09-06

    • Back to the future- the Honda way
      In a far-ranging discussion, the company's President of R&D opens the curtains a little on the inner workings of research and development from the CVCC engine to the new two-motor hybrid system.
    • Mazda takes off "Skyactiv-ward"
      Senior Managing Executive Officer Hirotaka Kanazawa, whi is in charge of R&D, discusses the Skyactiv package of technologies that he hopes will lift the company's eco prospects.
    • Chrysler pushes ICE limits with Multi-fuel, MultiAir R&D program
      Chrysler Powertrain engineers, in a collaborative research program with the U.S. Department of Energy, aim to squeeze a lot more efficiency out of the good old internal combustion engine.
    • No longer a blip on the screen
      Luxury vehicles have used radar for years, but now systems are poised to enter the mainstream as safety demands rise and costs come down.