Automotive Engineering International 2012-06-05

    • Raj Nair's world's-eye view
      Ford's new global product-development chief discusses engineering resources to meet Asia-Pacific growth, China's challenges, U.S. CAFE, and lightweighting full-size trucks.
    • Raising the bar on SI engine efficiency
      Highly boosted gasoline engines with 13:1 compression ratio? BorgWarner is tackling gasoline-engine pumping losses and finding many fuel-efficiency benefits as a result. VP of Advanced Engine Engineering Chris Thomas reveals the methodology-and more.
    • GE makes power play into automotive
      The iconic American conglomerate sees great potential in electric vehicles, helping utility customers upstream ensure reliable and efficient energy delivery for EV customers downstream, says GE's Mark Little.
    • Hybrid-electrified Le Mans
      Audi and Toyota bring hybrid-electric racecars to the renowned 24-h race.
    • Aerodynamic development of Model S
      Tesla Motors closely integrates its Design and Engineering groups to process design iterations quickly and enable fully informed development of aerooptimized exterior surfaces.