Automotive Engineering International 2012-07-03

    • Light and mighty
      Finding innovative ways to reduce vehicle weight while maintaining vehicle safety will be key to achieving the 2025 fuel-economy target.
    • Controllers bulk up to manage engine's intricacies
      Chips hold more memory and boost throughput to help improve fuel efficiency.
    • Electric Renault also focused on internal combustion
      Already becoming known in Europe as the 'electric company,' Renault, together with Alliance partner Nissan, is determined to pursue EV solutions but in parallel with intensive ICE programs, says Philippe Klein, Renault's Vice President, Corporate Planning, Product Planning, and Programs.
    • Volvo plugs into high technology
      The company may be on a high-technology roll with its new plug-in diesel hybrid and its shift to a maximum four-cylinder philosophy-with three-cylinder units likely, according to Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President of Research & Development.
    • Finding the Bentley solution without compromise
      Engineering Director Rolf Frech reveals how technology sharing within the VW Group contributes to the company's luxury cars achieving greater efficiency.
    • Putting auto industry R&D into neutron gear
      At the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, home of the U.K.'s Space Innovation Center and ISIS Neutron Source, 'downsizing' is taking automotive research into a whole new league thanks to research scientists such as Dr. Martyn Bull.