Automotive Engineering International 2012-10-02

    • A compact Cadillac to beat the Bimmers
      General Motors engineers were given a clean sheet to develop the 2013 ATS, Cadillac's all-new compact (and light) sport sedan aimed squarely at the 3 Series benchmark.
    • Re-engineered Ram
      Thermal management-along with other significant changes-improves Ram 1500 fuel economy and earns EPA off-cycle credits.
    • Honda Accord-the 9th generation
      The all-new 2013 model brings direct injection, a new CVT, MacPherson struts, safety advances, and a plug-in hybrid version./li>
    • Radios expand by turning to micros
      Versatile systems use microcontrollers, software to meet wide range of requirements.
    • Heavy on the lightweighting
      Weight reduction is already a significant consideration in companies' product development efforts, and the emphasis is only going to increase in the years ahead, according to SAE-member survey respondents.