SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2012-02-02

    • Easy to control
      Designers grab a range of technologies to create controls that are simpler for operators to use.
    • Designing quiet off-highway equipment
      OEMs and suppliers are using new materials and innovative designs to reduce NVH for both vehicle operators and the environment.
    • Using FEA in off-highway design
      The process of considering weld redundancy in virtual simulation is a complex way of ensuring that weldment design is robust enough to prevail over accidental weld redundancy that might occur during manufacturing.
    • Efficient and effective leadership
      Frank O. Klegon, a 30-year SAE member and former product development VP at Chrysler, begins term as chief elective officer of SAE International.
    • Making battlefield targets disappear
      The use of 'smart' special materials has the potential to radically alter the way military platforms are defended, and used.