• Chrysler sees the ICE future
      The three-year, $30 million Multi-fuel Multiair R&D program with the U.S. DOE is nearing completion. Here's what Chrysler Powertrain engineers have learned as they try to achieve a 25% fuel-efficiency gain.
    • Counteracting cyber-attacks
      As vehicle systems become more complex and interact with more internal and external elements, the potential for outside intrusion and tampering increases for both vehicles and the transportation infrastructure.
    • Kia moves upscale with 2014 Cadenza
      The all-new premium sedan is the Korean automaker's 'most technologically advanced' vehicle ever on U.S. roadways.
    • 2014 Corvette: 460 hp, 30 mpg, 1 g, $52,000
      No other sports car can match the C7's combination of performance, value, and overall efficiency. Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter provides insight on executing a masterpiece.
    • Mercedes anticipates the future with new S-Class
      Mercedes-Benz, using networked electronic systems (sensor fusion), is introducing on its new S-Class a step-change suspension system that can 'see' (via a stereo camera) the road surface ahead and make ultra-high-speed decisions on how to deal with it.
    • Toyota engineers a shine into the 2014 Corolla
      In an effort to stay competitive with a car that has been on the market for 47 years, Toyota will offer an all-new Corolla for 2014 with a CVT with intelligent shifting and standard LED headlamps.