• Q&A with Dr. Pawan Goenka
      The Executive Director & President-- Automotive & Farm Equipment Sectors, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. answers questions on a range of subjects such as auto fuel efficiency, emissions, alternative fuels, safety, telematics, manufacturing, and sustainability.
    • Advances in surface engineering
      Newer materials with improved properties can enhance the properties of the working surfaces of cylinder components for the demands of increased temperatures, pressures, and corrosive atmospheres and still satisfy performance and life requirements.
    • E-mobility opportunities in the Indian ecosphere
      The Prime Minister of India in January 2013 unveiled the National Mission on Electric Mobility and formed a National Board of Electric Mobility to fast track e-mobility for India through industry-government partnerships.
    • Mobility in 21st Century India
      India's rapidly growing population has made transportation systems unable to effectively keep up with demand, losing the country untold man hours and wasting money.