Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2013-04-01

    • Inductive approach
      An engineering professor from Ryerson uses MapleSim to introduce more exploratory methods of teaching.
    • Monash University scores fourth Formula SAE-A win
      The Monash University Formula SAE-A team demonstrated its dominance by winning its fourth consecutive Australasian event in Melbourne last December.
    • Audi Urban Intelligent Assist
      The three-year joint effort between Audi AG, the Volkswagen Group Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) in Belmont, CA, the University of Southern California, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of California at San Diego aimed at improving drivers' information and decision-making capabilities.
    • Hovering aircraft programs
      The AW609 tiltrotor and the X3 compound helicopter offer different technology solutions to the challenge of achieving higher speeds and higher-quality point-to-point air transport.
    • Hyper-efficient VW XL1 drives to production
      The revolutionary carbon fiber reinforced polymer two-seater enters production with a diesel-electric plug-in powertrain, 795-kg curb mass, and aerodynamics Cd of 0.189 for fuel consumption of 0.9 L/100 km.