Automotive Engineering

February 4, 2014

    • Designing for downforce
      Airflow is paramount for performance vehicles, which require aerodynamic enhancements to promote high-speed stability and greater cornering capability.
    • Powering a drive to higher voltages
      48-V systems are likely to power a new generation of functions including stop-start technology.
    • Managing the deluge of data
      The model-based development (MBD) process has been a key enabler of technical advancement in the transportation industry; however, the MBD process leads to the generation of large volumes of data artifacts and work products. To maintain efficiency while continuously improving the quality of products, it is necessary to be able to manage this data in an efficient manner.
    • A vision for SAE's future
      Longtime GM engineering executive and STEM education supporter Daniel M. Hancock brings a focused approach to his term as SAE International President.
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