November 2014

    • Have diesel will race (and learn)
      Mazda's factory SkyActiv diesel race program switched to the Prototype class in 2014, teaching the SpeedSource team valuable engineering lessons for 2015.
    • Starting and developing an engineering career: barriers and opportunities
      Very strong role models who have a marked enthusiasm for their subject are needed at every point along an employee's education and work career.
    • The knock on gasoline engines
      Two major strategies to increase the efficiency of SI engines are to raise the compression ratio and to downsize the engine using a turbocharger, but both have issues with knock. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan Automotive Laboratory tackle the problem.
    • Minecraft: getting kids into coding
      Stephen Foster, CEO and Co-founder of THOUGHTSTEM, has a new outlook on STEM education and the utilities that can be used to get kids involved in software coding.