Automotive Design

July/Aug/September 2015

    • Tearing down the global barriers
      Steering systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, as Ian Adcock discovers when talking to the men leading Nexteer's European expansion
    • €1.1 billion worth of Bentley luxury
      Bentley's Bentayga is the first in a new generation of luxury cross-overs. Ian Adcock reveals its engineering secrets
    • Goal: "virtual" perfection
      Should simulations be 100% accurate? It's impractical and unnecessary, says one expert, and lays out the reasons why
    • The weighting game
      Ryan Gehm and Kami Buchholz report on how new materials help vehicles to shed weight
    • Enter the engineering entrepreneurs
      Behind the exhilarating headlines that are the very stuff of motorsport, you will find the specialist entrepreneurs, using their multiple talents to take on the most daunting of engineering challenges
    • Below the surface, into the future
      'Sense, plan, act' is German supplier Continental Technology's mantra for future technologies, as laid out at the company's recent symposium
    • Ground-breaking engine concepts unleashed
      Clément Dumand, manager, advanced engineering and research department, PSA Peugeot Citroën, reveals to Ian Adcock how Convergent Science's meshing software is aiding engine design