Automotive Engineering

November 3, 2015

    • Active in aero
      Several automakers-notably Mercedes-Benz and Audi - used the Frankfurt Motor Show stage to reveal sleek vehicles that aggressively employ active aerodynamic elements and other advances to reduce drag.
    • Composites permeate inside and out
      Composite materials are gaining popularity for both unseen structural components and for exterior eye candy.
    • Powertrain testing: coping with complexity
      With increasing use of electrical components to extend the performance of conventional combustion engines, powertrain development has never been more complicated. The good news is that test and development engineers are harnessing advanced simulation techniques and computer processing to develop the most efficient and fun powertrains ever.
    • Can ads help in vehicle-to-vehicle rollout?
    • Porsche unveils new downsized, boosted 3.0-L boxer six.
    • Johnson Controls, Faurecia envision interiors for autonomous driving.
    • Jaguar enters performance crossover SUV segment.
    • Honda's all-new global 2016 Civic targets Mercedes refinement.
    • Opel designs a new Astra.
    • Peugeot Fractal demonstrates a new take on sound design.