Aerospace & Defense Technology

August 2016

    • Seeing the Light
      Achieving Full-Color, Day or Night Readability for Flat-Panel Displays
    • Multiple Node Networking Using PCIe Interconnects
      PCI Express (PCIe) interconnects, and how they can be used to support multiple node low latency data transfers over copper or optical cables, is gaining momentum in embedded computing solutions.
    • Zero-Emissions Electric Aircraft
      Theory vs Reality
    • Analyzing Radar Signals With Demodulation
    • Combining Software and Hardware for Highly Specialized Multichannel Spectrum Monitoring
    • Advanced Thermal Management Solutions
    • Thermoelectric Cooling
    • Thermal Ground Planes
    • Thermal Management of Laser Diodes
    • The Effect of Substrate Emissivity on the Spectral Emission of a Hot-Gas Overlayer
    • Process Approach to Determining Quality Inspection Deployment
    • Experimental Setup to Assess Blast and Penetration-Induced Secondary Debris in a Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) Environment
    • Non-Contact Circuit for Real-Time Electric and Magnetic Field Measurements
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