Automotive Engineering

April 7, 2016

    • Defying the disruptors and driving innovation
      Four top engineering executives discuss how their "traditional" companies are finding new technology opportunities and business growth amid the start-ups-and are even doing some disrupting themselves.
    • Preparing for a 48-volt revival
      The quest to improve fuel economy is not waning, nor is the desire to achieve higher mpg through the use of just the right lightweight material for the right vehicle application.
    • Additive manufacturing enhances GTDI pistons
      Selective Laser Melting may help manufacture future gasoline-engine pistons with enhanced heat-transfer properties and reduced weight.
    • Automatic braking pact for 2022 will alter systems development
    • Cadillac XT5's new platform cuts weight - at less cost
    • Autos gain spotlight as telecoms gear up for 5G
    • Ferrari's CTO details patented torque-vectoring AWD with rear-wheel steer
    • Accelerated ash load testing of particulate filters on an automated test rig
    • Audi claims first production electric boosting on 2017 SQ7
    • Mercedes' 2017 E-Class takes a leap towards autonomy
    • Jeep tests pickup concepts at Moab 50th
    • All-new 2017 Hyundai Ioniq offers three electrified powertrains