Automotive Engineering

September 1, 2016

    • Solving the Greenhouse Gas puzzle
      While automakers and policymakers debate the TAR, engineers and product planners prepare for the steep climb to meet GHG and CAFE rules beyond 2022.
    • Revving up thermal characterization in the component lab
      The latest generation of high-speed infrared cameras can capture airbag deployments and other fast-moving actions quickly and accurately.
    • C3 consortium aims for soot solution
      A newly formed group of companies led by CFD specialists Convergent Science targets exhaust particulate reduction in the combustion chamber.
    • Inside the autonomous vehicle
      With less focus on driver needs, comfort, safety, and occupant productivity will become key.
    • Editorial: Bad gas?
    • Tenneco's predictive active ride control may doom the anti-roll bar by 2021
    • More details emerge of Citroën's new "hydraulic cushion" suspension
    • JLR prepares to leave the road - autonomously
    • Delphi launches driverless pilot program in Singapore, aims for SAE Level 4 operation by 2019
    • Honda's new e-motor slashes expensive rare-earth content
    • GM, Honda execs agree: Higher octane gas needed to optimize ICE efficiency
    • Racing toward autonomous future, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz reveal sultry, drive-it-yourself concept cars
    • 2017 FiatChrysler: more Dodge muscle, fewer Fiat models
    • All-new 2017 Porsche Panamera moves to VW modular platforms
    • Anke Kleinschmit, Vice President Group Research and Sustainability and Chief Environmental Officer, Daimler AG