Automotive Engineering

October 6, 2016

    • Steering Mazda's unique course
      A chassis engineer at heart, Chairman Seita Kanai challenges his engineers to think differently and embrace the Skyactiv technology that has made Mazda a benchmark.
    • Delphi's multi-domain mindset
      From tackling the cyber threat to putting 48-volt hybrids with Dynamic Skip-Fire on the road, Engineering VP Mary Gustanski is harnessing a technology powerhouse.
    • The evolving tire-development paradigm
      Advanced tire-simulation modeling allows tire development to keep pace with accelerated vehicle-development cycles.
    • MEMS the word for next-gen HUDs
      New high-speed, quad-channel laser diode drivers are designed to beat the LCD and DLP incumbents for next-gen vehicle head-up displays.
    • Editorial: A how-to for car hackers
    • Mazda's 2017 G-Vectoring Control brings dynamic refinement
    • Volvo, Uber share the ride to safety with autonomy
    • Inside Porsche's new V8 and V6 powertrains
    • Citroën to unveil CXperience concept at 2016 Paris show
    • With 2017 Fusion Sport, Ford pushes further toward Audi
    • Volvo S90: Niche for now, but…
    • 2017 Nissan Titan gets new platform, powertrain, cab and bed features
    • James Morgan of the Lean Enterprise Institute talks Lean Product and Process Development and LPPD lessons learned from Toyota.