Sept 2016

    • Types of aircraft passenger-escape systems
      An overview of existing and potential new methods for assuring aircraft occupant safety.
    • SAE Skill India Initiative: S2I2
      A new SAEINDIA collaboration aims to help young engineers acquire "industry-ready" skills.
    • A technology-driven sustainable-agriculture solution
      Pumping more air into the cylinder is key to solving the CAFE puzzle, and engineers are hard at work figuring out the best ways to do it with turbocharger and supercharger innovation.
    • Rotorcraft icing computational tool development
    • 3D printing machines can't be built fast enough
      In the additive-manufacturing world, the costs of components are dropping, the technology is becoming more reliable and parts are fabricated faster, allowing industries beyond aerospace to adopt additive technologies, says Oak Ridge Lab's Ryan Dehoff.