SAE Off-Highway Engineering

April 8, 2016

    • Software's role continues to expand
      Design teams use different technologies to create new software and link systems together.
    • Emissions regulations and engine complexity
      With the European Commission announcing a Stage V criteria emissions regulation for off-highway, scheduled to phase-in as earlly as 2019, there will be an end to a brief era of harmonized new-vehicle regulations. Will this affect an already complex engine development process?
    • Evaluating thermal design of construction vehicles
      CFD simulation is used to evaluate two critical areas that address challenging thermal issues: electronic control units and hot air recirculation.
    • New Komatsu wheel loader with Tier 4F engine consumes 13% less fuel
    • Arctic Cat debuts purpose-built 'snow bike' in 2017 model line
    • Accelerated ash load testing of particulate filters on an automated test rig
    • Origami goes high-tech for potential military applications
    • Autonomous vehicles demonstrate ground-air cooperation
    • Nanotechnology may provide self-cleaning, energy-saving 'smart glass' for vehicles
    • GE scanner enhances defect detection for industrial CT