Aerospace & Defense Technology

June 2017

    • Small Form Factor Embedded Systems
      New Technologies Drive Diverse Solutions
    • Making Laser Weapons a Reality
    • Modelling and Simulation Tools for Systems Integration on Aircraft
    • Rotorcraft Anti-Icing Systems
    • Redundant Transmitting System in Aircraft (RTSA)
    • Cassini Stays in Touch with NASA's Radio Science Subsystem
    • Laser Integration on Silicon Photonic Circuits Through Transfer Printing
      New fabrication approach allows the massively parallel transfer of III-V coupons to a silicon photonic target wafer.
    • High Energy Computed Tomographic Inspection of Munitions
      Inspection system provides additional level of quality assurance for R&D, reverse engineering, and malfunction investigations.
    • Terahertz (THz) Radar: A Solution for Degraded Visibility Environments (DVE)
      Operating at higher frequencies than other types of radar produces tighter beams and finer resolution.
    • Imaging Detonations of Explosives
      Using high-speed camera pyrometers to measure and map fireball/shock expansion velocities.
    • Development of Photoacoustic Sensing Platforms
      Research focuses on sensor miniaturization and detection of chemical targets both proximally and at range.
    • Determining Detection and Classification Potential of Munitions Using Advanced EMI Sensors in the Underwater Environment
      Electromagnetic induction could be used to locate and characterize potentially dangerous sunken metallic objects.