Aerospace & Defense Technology

September 2017

    • On-Orbit Satellite Refueling Flow Measurement
      The Path from Concept to Operational Status
    • Radiation Tolerant "Smart Backplanes" for Spacecraft Avionics
    • Using Heat Pipes to Cool Embedded Computers
    • Electronically Dimmable Aircraft Windows
      How do you block the light of the sun?
    • Eliminating Electrical Arcing in Satellite Systems
    • NASA Miniaturizes Century-Old Radio Sounder Technology
    • Developing an Airborne Optical Systems Testbed (AOSTB)
    • New Class of Excimer-Pumped Atomic Lasers (XPALS)
      Research demonstrates the viability of an atomic laser having a quantum efficiency greater than one.
    • Hydrodynamic Drag Force Measurement of a Functionalized Surface Exhibiting Superhydrophobic Properties
      Comparing the skin friction drag effects of a superhydrophobic flat plate to an untreated flat plate of the same material and geometry.
    • Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) Suppression and Long Delivery Fibers at the Multikilowatt Level with Chirped Seed Lasers
      Using chirped seed amplification with a MEMS VCSEL seed to scale the output power of a ytterbium fiber amplifier.
    • High-Power Broadband Multispectral Source on a Hybrid Silicon Chip
      Photonic integrated circuits (PIC) may expand the spectral band-width of currently available optical sources at lower cost, smaller size, reduced vibration sensitivity, and higher brightness.
    • Erbium Doped GaN Lasers by Optical Pumping
      Studying ER:GaN materials under 980 nm resonant excitation could guide future crystal growth.