Automotive Engineering

January 2017

    • Thought leadership at WCX17
      Magna's CTO talks innovation and disruption at WCX17, the newly rebranded SAE World Congress.
    • Patton's new campaign
      As new SAE International President for 2017, Doug Patton will advocate STEM, "cultivation" of prospective young engineers.
    • New EEAs for the connected, autonomous future
      OEMs and their Tier-1 partners are revamping vehicle electronic and electrical architectures with "über brain" central computers and real-time Ethernet to feed tomorrow's data-hungry cars and trucks.
    • Bridging the power gap with 48 volts
      New 48-V technologies are poised to arrive in volume to help meet CO2 regulations and satisfy the "vampire" power demands of new electrical subsystems and accessories.
    • Autonomy, connectivity headline the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show
      The automotive component of CES expands as global anticipation for automated driving and enhanced connectivity intensifies.
    • Editorial: Vital Transformation
    • Supplier Eye
      The impact of shifting to the 'softer' side.
    • SAE Standards News
      GVS focus areas for 2017.
    • Continental demonstrates new sensing tech for SAE Level 4 capability
    • Pour your next EV battery?
    • New Ford Fiesta claims B-car tech leadership
    • LA auto show: All-new CX-5 brings Mazda's first-ever diesel for North America
    • Intel's Kathy Winters details the coming future of superfast data processing for ADAS and SAE Level 4 automated driving.