Automotive Engineering

June 2017

    • Tackling NVH one dB per day
      New tools and technologies are helping engineers reduce vehicle Noise, Vibration and Harshness.
    • Artificial intelligence becomes a reality
      Automakers could be among the leaders in deploying AI in free-standing, high-reliability environments. But developers must determine how to mitigate undesirable side-effects.
    • Lidar: autonomy's mission-critical component
      Automated-driving capability likely won't happen without Lidar. But what technology-and at what price?
    • Formula One goes longer, lower, wider for 2017
      New rules make the cars faster and more aggressive-looking, with a wider track, wider tires and bigger wings.
    • Editorial: Core Ford, New Ford...OneFord?
    • SAE Standards News
      Seeking a common language for vehicle automation
    • Supplier Eye
      Are you innovating for NVH?
    • Exa simulation aims to keep ADAS sensors clean
    • CO2 buildup in vehicle cabins becoming a safety issue
    • DSD's low-cost 12V hybrid aims for small cars
    • VW finally fills its SUV gap with 2018 Atlas
    • Loss leader: 2018 Chevy Equinox gets smaller, lighter, tidier
    • Nissan engineers Sport into its hot-selling CUV
    • Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan's new design director, relishes his relationship with engineering.