Automotive Engineering

October 2017

    • ICE Breaker!
      Mazda's Skyactiv-X beats the big guys to market with a promising new production engine that marries Otto and Diesel attributes.
    • Testing mmWave radars in the loop
      University of Texas researchers develop a real-time HIL testbed that beats the incumbents on cost, time and flexibility.
    • Driverless cars and freeway traffic flow
      Analysis shows platooning and wave damping can reduce congestion.
    • Editorial: EVs lack a robust charging grid
    • SAE Standards News
      Mobility for everyone: Automated Driving Systems
    • Supplier Eye
      The future on stage at Frankfurt
    • The Navigator
      Time for standard naming of safety features
    • Developing high-energy-density batteries for EVs
    • U.S. Dept. of Transportation issues new autonomous-vehicle guidelines
    • Federal-Mogul's cool solution for downsized engines
    • Continental unveils new 3D display cluster
    • Back to physics for Dayco's new vacuum assist
    • Voltage spike at 2017 Frankfurt auto show
    • For '18 models, GM quietly backs diesel-with quiet new diesel
    • Cadillac plugs in CT6 for high-value efficiency
    • What We're Driving
      Automotive Engineering's quick-strike vehicle reviews