Automotive Engineering

November 2017

    • 700 miles, hands-free!
      GM's Super Cruise turns Cadillac drivers into passengers in a well-engineered first step toward greater vehicle autonomy.
    • Toyota rethinks the Flagship
      The 2018 Lexus LS moves to twin-turbo V6 power and piles on the takumi.
    • Honda 2018 Accord: Antidote for crossover fever
      The all-new, tenth-generation Accord is Honda's best-ever-and makes the case for why crossovers shouldn't take over the planet.
    • Autonomy testing: Simulation to the rescue
      Autonomous technology development injects new rigors on vehicle-development testing.
    • Editorial: Engineer-enthusiasts
    • SAE Standards News
      Regulatory framework emerging as autonomy becomes reality
    • Supplier Eye
      Facing the new disruptors
    • The Navigator
      The uncanny valley of partially-automated driving
    • PEMS intros on-the-road emissions testing to U.S., Europe
    • Reconfigurable chip usage ramps up as ADAS advances
    • GKN readies new 2-speed e-axle for 2020
    • Honda infuses Civic Type R with racing pedigree
    • M xDrive: BMW's power + grip solution
    • What We're Driving
    • Q&A
      Chief Technology Officer Urban Carlson discusses Freevalve's pneumatic-hydraulic valvetrain