SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering

October 2017

    • Advances for off-highway engine design
      As manufacturers continue to drive out cost and meet a worldwide patchwork of regulatory frameworks, the tools for developing those engines are advancing. From showcase prototypes to advanced analytical techniques, suppliers are helping the cause.
    • Military vehicles battle for autonomy at lower cost
      Engineers are adding sensors, more powerful micros and faster networks as they automate tasks and pave the way to autonomy.
    • Heavy duty lightweighting
      Optimization of tractor-trailer systems and component design helps to reduce overall vehicle mass, a key strategy in improving fuel economy and meeting upcoming Phase 2 GHG regulations.
    • Navistar's SuperTruck II explores composites, WiFi to cut weight
    • Methane state of mind
      New Holland ramps up its focus on alternative fuels, showcasing a methane-powered concept tractor that trims emissions, operating costs.
    • Editorial
      Deep learning how to drive
    • Zircotec manages heat transfer in hotter exhaust systems
    • Nikola CEO: Fuel-cell Class 8 truck on track for 2021
    • Paccar launches lightest HD automated transmission for on-highway CVs
    • Eaton solves nuisance problems with electrohydraulic solutions
    • Cummins reveals all-electric truck ahead of Tesla
    • Volvo CE sees major efficiency gain from hybrid-electric wheel loader
    • Level 3 automation may not be attractive for heavy trucks, says Bosch's Dr. Johannes-Joerg Rueger, President, Commercial Vehicle and Off-Road