Tech Briefs April 2018

    • Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2)
      Changing the Face of Modern Warfare
    • Loop Thermosyphons
      Gravity-Driven Two-Phase Cooling for the 21st Century
    • CompactPCI Serial Space
      A New Embedded System Specification Takes on Extreme Environments
    • Plain Bearings for Aerospace Applications
    • Additive Manufacturing Materials for RF Components
    • NASA CubeSats: Pushing the Boundaries of Technology
    • Content Addressable Memory (CAM) Technologies for Big Data and Intelligent Electronics Enabled By Magneto-Electric Ternary CAM
      New associative memory approach based on the propagation of spikes provides ultra-low energy search operations.
    • Natural DNA-Based Nonvolatile Resistive Switching Memory
      Reliable memory devices can be realized within a single macromolecule based on natural DNA.
    • A Mechanistic Analysis of Oxygen Vacancy Driven Conductive Filament Formation in Resistive Random Access Memory Metal/NiO/Metal Structures
      Study could lead to more efficient electrically switchable resistive random access memory devices.
    • pH-Dependent Spin State Population and 19F NMR Chemical Shift Via Remote Ligand Protonation in An Iron(II) Complex
      An FeII complex that features a pH-dependent spin state population demonstrates potential as a 19F chemical shift-based pH sensor.