Tech Briefs

May 2018

    • New Technologies Tackle UAV Challenges
    • Robotic Applique Kits Leverage Existing Assets
    • Educating UGVs
      Implementing AI Advancements in Thermal Image Training Data Sets
    • Protecting Critical Data on Unmanned Underwater Platforms
    • Advancements Made to the Wingman Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) Simulation: How to Operate the SIL
      New features include the creation of virtual environments that match real-world gunnery test courses.
    • Soldier-Robot Team Communication: An Investigation of Exogenous Orienting Visual Display Cues and Robot Reporting Preferences
      The effective use of robots to conduct dangerous missions depends on accurate man-machine communications.
    • Soft Robotic Fish Swims Alongside Real Ones in Coral Reefs
    • GPS Enabled Semi-Autonomous Robot
      Combining GPS signals with acoustic and encoder data gives a robot the ability to determine its location and orientation within a reference frame.
    • Development of a Vision-Based Situational Awareness Capability for Unmanned Surface Vessels
      Computer vision-based technique gives USVs enhanced autonomous navigation capabilities.