Tech Briefs

August 2018

    • Designing a High-Speed Decoy Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
    • Using Thermoplastics in Aerospace Applications
    • In-Flight Real-Time Avionics Adaptation
    • Using Turbine Flow Meters for Aerospace Test and Measurement Applications
    • Communicating from Space: The Front End of Multiscale Modeling
    • Laser-Based System Could Expand Space-to-Ground Communication
    • Hydraulic Testing of Polymer Matrix Composite 102mm Tube Section
      Research could lead to development of a composite material that can be processed at a low temperature and still be used at 1000°F.
    • Permeation Tests on Polypropylene Fiber Materials
      Study attempts to determine if polypropylene nanofiber materials can be used in air filtration systems to remove toxic vapors.
    • Inter-Laboratory Combat Helmet Blunt Impact Test Method Comparison
      Ensuring consistent test methods could reduce the risk of head injuries.