Tech Briefs

October 2018

    • Detecting Drones with Doppler-Based Radar
    • Digital Transformation for a Connected Enterprise
    • Using Electromagnetic Brakes to Keep Thrust Reversers in Place
    • Thermostatic Solutions for Temperature Control Applications
    • Bringing RF into the Embedded World: It's Time
    • Compact Power Amplifier Solution for Electronic Warfare
    • Burner Rig Testing of A500® C/SiC
      Test method simulates, in a laboratory environment, the service conditions ceramic-matrix composite material would experience in turbine engine exhaust applications.
    • Space Debris Orbit and Attitude Prediction for Enhanced and Efficient Space Situational Awareness
      Developing accurate models to predict the behavior of manmade debris in space could be the key to preventing collisions with satellites.
    • Maintaining Enterprise Resiliency Via Kaleidoscopic Adaption and Transformation of Software Services (MEERKATS)
      Implementing new technologies to create a more resilient, secure cloud computing environment.
    • Fundamental Aspects of Single Molecule and Zeptomole Electroanalysis
      Using the principles of electro-analytical chemistry to detect target molecules at very low concentration with high specificity, simplicity, and low power.