Automotive Engineering

May 2018

    • Testing for cold-climate comfort
      AE goes way north to the Arctic Circle for an inside look at Hyundai's winter testing of the new Nexo FCV and Kona EV and their unique and critical HVAC systems.
    • Innovation more than skin deep
      A new wave of engineered plastics are delivering structural, mass-reducing, and aesthetic benefits for new vehicle applications.
    • A secret weapon for roof-crush testing
      Before you crush that bus or racecar chassis, find out how engineers at CAPE are optimizing test-rig performance.
    • Editorial: Tesla's Model 3 is two very different cars
    • SAE Standards News
      A hive of activity
    • Supplier Eye
      Why aren't there more unibody pickups?
    • The Navigator
      We can't trust humans to supervise machines
    • Acura and ArcelorMittal debut world-first hot-stamped door ring system on 2019 RDX
    • Powertrain analyst: Light-vehicle fleet needs big gains to meet tightening emissions regs
    • Toyota unveils more gasoline ICEs with 40% efficiency
    • IAV using 3D-printed pistons for engine testing
    • 2018 Kona debuts Hyundai's new B-SUV platform
    • Nissan variable-compression engine gets first shot at volume with new 2019 Altima
    • Q&A
      Honeywell's Geoff Duff talks turbos