Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

May 2018

    • Editorial
      Tragedy to Transform AV Testing?
    • Detecting Pedestrians
      Safety of vulnerable road users is driving new technologies as pedestrian deaths rise worldwide.
    • When Autonomy Underperforms: the Evolving Liability Model
      As autonomy-related accidents expand, expect legal liability to shift to products rather than people.
    • Seeing Through Fog
      Fog, rain and snow are big challenges for optical sensors, particularly active systems. Engineers need to understand the impact of fog conditions on cameras and thermal sensors used in AVs.
    • Rethinking Architectures: From Chips to the Cloud
      New concepts and strategies for controls architectures are emerging as AV boundaries expand and options skyrocket.
    • Cabin Fever
      As humans do less actual driving, autonomous vehicle interiors will transform radically to provide more creature comforts.
    • Threat Vector: Car Washes!
      For vehicles with automated-driving sensors, the "cleansing" experience can go too far.
    • Nvidia's 'Kitchen Sink' for AV Testing
      A new cloud-based simulation system aims to deliver millions of road test miles-virtually.
    • SOI 'Sauce' for Next-gen Microelectronics
      Fully depleted silicon-on-insulator semiconductor is a mouth full, but FD-SOIs are vital for meeting the performance specs of auto-mated vehicles and the IoT.
    • Miracle Wires
      Data-intensive automated vehicles will benefit from new technology that delivers Gigabit data and power through the same wires.