March 2018

    • Advancing toward driverless cars
      Autonomous-driving technology is set to revolutionize the auto industry. But getting to a true "driverless" future will be an iterative process based on merging numerous individual innovations.
    • Overcoming the challenges of HCCI combustion
      Homogenous-charge compression ignition (HCCI) holds considerable promise to unlock new IC-engine efficiencies. But HCCI's advantages bring engineering obstacles, particularly emissions control.
    • Simulation for tractor cabin vibroacoustic optimization
    • Method of identifying and stopping an electronically controlled diesel engine in runaway mode
    • Electrification not a one-size-fits-all solution
      Efforts in the off-highway industry have been under way for decades, but electrification technology still faces implementation challenges.
    • 700 miles, hands-free!
      GM's Super Cruise turns Cadillac drivers into passengers in a well-engineered first step toward greater vehicle autonomy.