June 2018

    • Roadmap for future Indian passenger drone sector
    • Internet of Vehicles: connected vehicles & data - driven solutions
    • Development and verification of electronic braking system ECU software for commercial vehicle
    • Engineering the Motivo Way
      Broad capabilities, unparalleled project diversity and an innovative culture have put this thriving California "idea factory" in high demand.
    • Developing an alternative engine concept
      Ricardo's CryoPower engine leverages two unique combustion techniques for reduced emissions and fuel consumption-liquid nitrogen and split combustion. Long-haul trucking and stationary power generation will be the first beneficiaries of the technologies.
    • Spark of genius
      Mazda's Skyactiv-X-the nexus of gasoline and diesel tech-remains on track for 2019 production. We test-drive recent prototypes to check development status.
    • Plain bearings for aerospace applications