Aerospace & Defense Technology

April 2019

    • An Integrated Framework for Complex Radar System Design
    • Thermoplastic Composites to Play Enhanced Role in Next-Generation Aerospace Applications
    • Using Ruggedized Test Equipment to Solve Jet Engine Problems
    • How FMC Developments Support Legacy and Next-Gen Data Needs
    • XPONENTIAL 2019 - An AUVSI Experience
    • Understanding the 'Black Art' of RF and Microwave Switching
    • A New Approach to Satellite Communications
    • Modular Biosensor Patch
      Identifying new biomarkers to help monitor cognition and stress in the human body could enhance human performance.
    • Characterization of Bore Temperatures and Stresses in Small Caliber Gun Barrels
      Data gathered from physical testing will be compared to analytical methods used to assess barrel wall temperature profiles and barrel wall stress and strain.
    • Simulation of Active Imaging Systems
      Better data could lead to systems that improve tactical target acquisition, particularly under adverse environmental conditions.
    • Deep Installation Method for Three-Component Seismic Sensors
      Standardized procedure for installing seismic sensors in a soil environment will allow non-experts to execute successfully with minimal training.