Aerospace & Defense Technology

May 2019

    • Autonomous "Wingman" Vehicles
      The Future of Military Unmanned Vehicle Technology
    • The CAN Bus: Driving the Future of Autonomous Military Vehicles
    • Underwater Drone Technology
    • Eyes In the Sky
      For Drones, Combining Vision Sensor and IMU Data Leads to More Robust Pose Estimation
    • Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor Technology
      Ensuring precision movement in robotic assemblies.
    • Geospatial Accuracy of Small Unmanned Airborne System Data in the Coastal Environment
      Determining the performance of image processing software could lead to better data collection strategy.
    • Monitoring a Nearshore Beneficial Use Site: Application of a Benthic Sled and Video Annotation
      Passive survey method provides less labor and resource intensive system for monitoring the effects of dredging on aquatic life in nearshore beneficial use sites.
    • Developing Knowledge and Understanding for Autonomous Systems for Analysis and Assessment Events and Campaigns
      An effort to overcome the challenges involved in developing complete performance ontologies and test methodologies for evaluating the performance of autonomous systems.
    • Localization and Mapping of Unknown Locations with Unmanned Ground Vehicles
      Developing a commercial off-the shelf (COTS) software platform to enable UGVs to navigate and survive in complex environments.
    • Sound Attenuation of Neoprene Wetsuit Hoods as a Function of Dive Depth and Acoustic Frequency: Hyperbaric Chamber Trials
      Data gathered during testing will help develop strategies to protect Navy divers from loud underwater sounds.