Aerospace & Defense Technology

June 2019

    • Eyes in the Sky
      Rugged High-Speed Cameras Capture Critical Flight Test Video Data
    • Panoramic Thermal Imaging Technology
      A New Concept in Naval Defense
    • Coating Technology Enables Effective Missile Countermeasures
    • FACE™ - Future Airborne Capability Environment
      Diminishing U.S. Combat Superiority Drives New Software Development Requirements
    • Broadband 1.2- and 2.4-mm Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Amplifier Designs
    • Multi-Agent RF Propagation Simulator
    • Electrical Characterization of Crystalline UO2, THO2 and U0.71TH0.29O2
      Evaluating the suitability of advanced alloys for use in uranium-based neutron detectors.
    • ONR Short Pulse Research, Evaluation and non-SWaP Demonstration for C-sUAV Study
      Research project is designed to map small unmanned aerial vehicle (sUAV) effects space, empirically and by simulation, as a function of high power microwave (HPM) waveform to develop effective countermeasures.
    • Matrix-Free Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Using Metal-Organic Frameworks
    • Machining Titanium Aero-Frames
    • Getting the Most Out of Industrial CT Scanning
      Industrial CT analysis software uncovers aerospace manufacturing defects that scanning alone might miss.
    • Aerospace Work Platforms - More than Meets the Eye
      Today's work platforms are far more complex than the simple designs of the past.