Aerospace & Defense Technology

September 2019

    • Air Caster Technology
      Safeguard Satellites During Assembly and Testing
    • Operational Considerations for High-Reliability Interconnects in Military and Aerospace Applications
    • Understanding Fiber Optic Transceiver Design and Test Rules
    • Acceleration Resistant HiK Heat Spreader
    • Shape-Shifting Origami Could Help Antenna Systems Adapt On-the-Fly
    • NASA Eyes GPS at the Moon for Artemis Missions
    • Spatiotemporal Imaging Exploiting Structured Sparsity
      Overcoming the conventional limits of spatiotemporal imaging by applying compressed sensing and sparse representations to reduce the amount of data acquired while maintaining high image resolution.
    • Integration of Adaptive Optics Into High-Energy Laser Modeling And Simulation
      Implementing adaptive optics can substantially increase the effective range of high energy lasers used in directed energy weapons systems.
    • 3D Meta-Optics for High-Energy Lasers
      Engineering electromagnetic fields in 3D dielectric structures to change the way components are designed and fabricated for high-energy laser (HEL) applications.
    • Ultrafast Optics: Vector Cavity Lasers - Physics and Technology
      Investigating the operation of fiber lasers where the vector nature of light propagation in the laser cavity is considered.